Contemporary Psychology
Journal for psychodiagnostic theory, practice and other fields of psychology

Editor-in-Chief: Zvjezdan Penezić

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UDK 159.9
Printed ISSN 1331-9264
Online ISSN 2584-3052

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The journal Contemporary Psychology is intended for psychodiagnostic theory and practice as well as general themes in psychology.
The journal Contemporary Psychology is focused on publishing quality articles from various fields of psychology, primarily in psychological assessment and applied psychology. The Editorial Board and the journal accept contributions reflecting the name of the journal - papers researching the contemporary, new, inventive and lesser known fields of interest to psychology and related sciences.

Bibliographic data

Contemporary Psychology
Bibliographic data:
UDK 159.9
Printed ISSN 1331-9264
Online ISSN 2584-3052


The journal Contemporary Psychology, has been continually published since 1998 as the official gazzette of the Croatian Psychological Society. The journal was established by its first editor Krunoslav Matešić, followed by Predrag Zarevski, while the present editor is Zvjezdan Penezić. Goran Milas was the guest editor for 2019.

From 2020 onwards, the journal is published in print and online formats.

Contemporary psychology is a journal for psychodiagnostic theory, practice and other fields of psychology.

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