Contemporary Psychology, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2008, 211-221

Original scientific paper

Comparison of the D-48 and D-70 Factor Structures

Krunoslav Matešić - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb
Krunoslav ml. Matešić - Centre for Education and Research, Naklada Slap, Zagreb
Andreja Brajša - Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb
Valentina Ružić - Centre for Education and Research, Naklada Slap, Zagreb

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The characteristics of the Domino 48 were tested on primary school (N = 487) and high school students (N = 512). The characteristics of the Domino 70 were examined for a group of high school students (N = 259) and adults in personnel selection (N = 704). A comparison of the two tests revealed the suitability of the D-70 items for a more educated population. The comparison of the facture structure revealed that the total explained variance is higher on the D-48 test, where it is possible to isolate three factors (eduction, symbolic reasoning and perspective reasoning) which explain 32.2% of the total variance. Two factors were isolated on the D-70 test (eduction and symbolic reasoning) which explain 19.6% of the total variance.

D-48 test, D-70 test, factor analysis

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