Contemporary Psychology, Vol. 17, No. 2, 2014, 181-198


Is Privileged Status of Personality Traits’ Models in Personality Psychology Justified? – Description of Identity Models

Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić - Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Rijeka, Rijeka

Fulltext (croatian, pages 181-198).pdf

The main aim of this paper was to demonstrate a critical overview of models and theory of personality traits analyzing their justification of privileged status within personality psychology. For that purpose, contemporary identity models have been described. Relevant literature sources were shown and the focus was on two significant aspects: methodological problems within the frame of dominant models of personality traits (Big Five and Five-Factor) and Five-Factor personality theory and the vague relationship between constructs of personality and identity. The following identity models were presented: Socio-analytic model of maturity, Neo-socio-analytic model of personality and proposal of a New Five-Factor theory. Implications of this discussion include further critical thinking about the future development of personality psychology and possibilities of valid empirical research of the described models.

methodology, identity models, personality traits, personality psychology development, theory

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