Contemporary Psychology, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2012, 97-117


The Productivity of Croatian Psychologists: A Scientometric Analysis of Network Cooperation on Works Incexed in The WoS Database from 1991 to 2010

Srebrenka Letina - Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Zagreb
Krešimir Zauder - Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Zagreb
Maja Jokić - Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Zagreb

Fulltext (croatian, pages 97-117).pdf

The purpose of the research is to describe the productivity and cooperation of registered scientists in the field of Psychology in Croatia (N = 241) based on journal publications indexed in the Web of science (WoS) in the time period 1991-2010. A total of 882 publications were found for 169 authors and authorship and co-authorship were analysed. Productivity data is presented on a descriptive level. The results show a high proportion of multi-author works and a lack of gender differences in productivity which is in agreement with the current literature. For the analysis of cooperation, we used social network analysis methodology including analysis of the network through four separate time periods. Indicators describing both the network (density, largest component) and the position of nodes (authors) in the network (centrality measures: degree centrality, betweenness, closeness, articulation points and singles) were calculated and found do be in a medium to highly correlation with author productivity. We conclude that network analysis provides useful productivity predictors and additional insight into cooperation among members. For a more complete cooperation analysis, future research should also encompass other forms of cooperation as well as use additional relevant variables such as job satisfaction and organisational climate. The results may be useful for the planning, organisation and evaluation of scientific efforts.

scientific productivity, scientific collaboration, coauthorship network, social network analysis, scientometrics, longitudinal network analysis, psychology in Croatia, science evaluation

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