Contemporary Psychology, vol. 22, br. 2, 2019

Original scientific paper

Stereotypes and Emotions as Predictors of Behaviour Tendencies in the Context of the Refugee Crisis

Renata Franc - Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb
Marina Maglić - Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb
Tomislav Pavlović - Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

Fulltext (croatian, pages 181-198).pdf

The aim of the study was to examine the role of stereotypes and intergroup emotions in explaining the stated intentions of intergroup behaviours in the context of the refugee crisis, based on the extended Stereotype Content Model, i.e. the BIAS map model. The data were collected in 2016 through an online survey of a convenience sample of Croatian citizens (N = 468) concerning the attitudes towards refugees. The instruments employed in the study captured two dimensions of personal stereotypes towards refugees: warmth and competence, four intergroup emotions: admiration, envy, contempt and pity, and two types of behavioural tendencies towards refugees: active facilitation and active harm. At a general level, the results indicate that stereotypes and intergroup emotions predict intentions of actively helping and actively harming refugees. Specifically, in line with the BIAS model, warmth stereotypes (in relation to competence stereotypes) are confirmed as the primary predictors of both active facilitation and active harm tendencies toward refugees, while emotions are confirmed as important direct predictors of behavioural tendencies, and (partial) mediators of the stereotypes - active behavioural tendencies relationship. However, the results on particular emotions as determinants of active behaviours and mediators of stereotype effects, consistent with some of the findings to date, deviate from theoretical expectations.

stereotypes, intergroup emotions, behavioural tendencies, intergroup relationships, refugees

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