Suvremena psihologija, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2008, 177-209

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Priprema za najgore: Obrambeni pesimizam u romantičnim odnosima

Tiona Žužul - Poslovna škola Harvard, SAD

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Extensive research supports the notion that defensive pessimism, a strategy which involves setting low expectations in risky situations in order to prepare for failure, is a beneficial and adaptive form of pessimism. However, there is also evidence indicating that defensive pessimism may not be adaptive in all areas, particularly that of romantic relationships. A longitudinal field study of undergraduates involved in romantic relationships (n = 227) demonstrates that defensive pessimism is indeed not beneficial in this domain. Defensive pessimism does not appear to protect the individual following relationship dissolution: results of the present study indicate that defensively pessimistic participants feel no better than optimists directly after a break-up. Indeed, defensive pessimism appears to slow the process of recovery from a break-up: results suggest that optimists may recover from a breakup at a faster pace than defensive pessimists. Defensive pessimism also appears to have negative consequences during a relationship: results show that defensively pessimistic participants are less satisfied with their partners as well as their relationships than optimists, and may experience higher rates of relationship dissolution. Finally, defensive pessimism may come with an additional cost, since defensively pessimistic participants show lower life-satisfaction than optimists. These data are interpreted as evidence that, while it may be useful in other types of risky situations, defensive pessimism is a maladaptive strategy in the domain of romantic relationships.

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obrambeni pesimizam, optimizam, romantične veze, prekid

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